Saturday, October 14, 2017

Harassment by Twitter

  Twitter Harassment
  Today I was able to deactivate my twitter account!
  I don't even know why twitter locked my account, and to tell you the truth, I don't think they do eather!

 They are still at it!
 Twitter has my account locked up and I have did everything they told me to do to unlock my account, and they still will not unlock my account, but they still send me emails after I told them 4 or 5 times to stop sending me emails!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Forget Twitter

 Forget Twitter
 Today I was able to deactivate my account with twitter!

 Forget Twitter
 I just sent twitter my phone# and I sent the code they gave me and it didn't work, so what's up, I guess they don't want me on twitter and that's OK with me! 


 All I have to say is FORGET TWITTER!
 Twitter locked my account and will not unlock it unless I give them my phone # , Well I have scammers calling me all the time so why would I want another one calling me?

Friday, October 6, 2017


 If you have problems connecting to websites or anything, Check the date and time on your computer, If the date is wrong that could be the problem.

   When I get tired of one desktop I just get on the other one, I am on the Chromebox now.


 10/5/17 ::

 The trademark name of this OS is ???? and the OS is OS2 5.0.
 You will be seeing more about this OS and hearing more about it real soon.
 It has a real desktop that is not full of junk and if you want to you can get free Dos programming tools that you can use from a USB harddrive.
 I can be on my desktop and click on my USB HD then click on quickbasic or VBDos and I am ready to start programming.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


OS2 World

 I am starting this blog so more people will find out about OS2(ArcaOS).
 I had OS2 in 1997 and I have never cared about windows, but I was stuck with for too long and now they have win10 with all that junk on it.
 OS2 is working just fine for me, I have a USB harddrive with about 500 GB on it and it is plugged-in to my desktop. On the USB HD I have Quickbasic and other programs I can use when I want to.
 I also have a wireless printer and when I want to print something I copy and paste it to a email and send it to my printer's email address and it will send me a email that says the print job is complete.